The Imperial center of the arts, learning, and philosophy. Until recently, Hensat was a powerful human city-state, but the Empire bloodlessly annexed it after decades of political and economic maneuvering. Hensat is home to a bard college, the Hensat College, which specializes in the production and performance of tragic plays.


  • “We may pay homage to the Empire, but we will never be Imperials at heart.”
  • “Drama reveals that which lies at the hearts of men.”
  • “City of a thousand strange philosophies.”


  • Paleathes, young, outspoken Hensatian senator who fights every law the Imperials attempt to impose in the city.
  • General Duhaix, Imperial hawk with the thankless task of nonviolently enforcing Imperial law and promoting Imperial interests in and around Hensat
  • Dean Prado, famous tragedian and leader of the Hensat Bardic College. Widely suspected of aiding the anti-Imperial movement.
  • Eprises, philosopher who posits that all intelligent creatures are born to unconsciously contribute to the construction of a physical body for Actur.


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